Friday, October 08, 2004

The mystery bulge

Salon has an article today that you will not find in the mainstream press anywhere, but I've seen references to it out on the internet and with the Salon article, felt it was time to actually mention it here.

Bush's performance in the first debate was bad for many reasons. It was also odd. One of the rules his campaign insisted on were no pictures of the candidates from behind. One pool photographer disobeyed that rule and took the following shot, which is the source of a number of conspiracy theories out on the net.


So...what's with the "mystery bulge" on El Presidente's back? Seems clear in the picture that there is a large solid object on his back. Could be anything really...but...would it surprise anyone if he was being fed his answers and lines? It certainly wouldn't surprise me. And it would explain some of his odd behavior.

Judge for yourself. Read the Salon article. You....make...the call.


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