Tuesday, October 05, 2004


I'm doing way too much of it lately. Oh, there's plenty to get done and much of it in my office (one look at the stack of PCs and laptops to be worked on will scare you), which means I get plenty of opportunities to stare at my e-mail inbox, browse the internet for worthless information, and do what I do best: goof off. So...here's some of my results for today...

- How did I ever live before I discovered this website: Whatifsports.com. Easily one of the best time wasters I've ever run across. And odd that it has taken me so long to discover, when I read Bill Simmons' columns on ESPN.com and I don't recall the one where he recommended it. Anyway, I've been having fun playing hypothetical matchups with some almost-but-not-quite champion Royals teams of the 1970s and 80s (particularly some of those awesome Royals teams of the late 70s and a very, very good Royals team from 1989 which just barely lost the AL West to the A's that year...and would have been a Wildcard in another season...for the record, also the last time the Royals were in a major pennant race late in the year...last year doesn't count - we folded long before the end of the season). And just wait until I start replaying old Kansas basketball games from the 90s...replaying all the old disasters in the NCAA tourney...

- Will Leitch (read the archives if you don't know who he is) has posted his baseball postseason analysis over at The Black Table. Priceless, funny, and well reasoned. Worth a read.

- Jayson Stark analyzes his top reasons why the Red Sox are the team to beat in the playoffs, including a breakdown of why none of the other teams can easily be picked. From his mouth to God's ears.

- Congrats to KC, who finally managed to get out of the cellar and win one of their close games, this one a MNF nailbiter. Actually, I thought the game wasn't as close as the score was. Chiefs defense was terrible, but what else is new? Offense was great, though there was another redzone breakdown. Kick/punt coverage was AWFUL, as it has been all season. But, we go into the bye week 1-3, which is better than 0-4.

- I've had second thoughts about my Dodgers pick. The more I look at them, they have the feel of a "one and done, just happy to be here" kind of team and I think the Cards are being overlooked because they won their division so early. No Carpenter will hurt them, but I still think they probably have enough to take out LA, who probably doesn't make the playoffs if the season lasts one more week (perhaps the only team in the playoff field I feel that about - Oakland was a "dead team walking" after they fell into a tie for first, the Cubs weren't going to magically find their mojo back, Houston was charging hard, and another week makes no difference to any of the other teams....no...one more week and the Giants would be there, not the Dodgers). I think LA probably manages to win a game...or even might luck out and stretch it to five, but my gut is now telling me Cardinals in four.

- For the record, we're one week away from what was supposed to be the start of the NHL season. No talks scheduled - none in sight. America continues not to care. *sigh*

- How many times can you click the refresh button on your e-mail before you officially become pathetic? ;)


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