Monday, November 29, 2004

End of the world as we know it...and I feel fine

It was a mostly boring and uneventful holiday weekend for your's truly. I didn't really do anything too exciting - nobody was around, so my opportunities were somewhat limited to begin with. Not that it wasn't relaxing, mind you. Just a tad on the boring and unexciting side.

That rather small and (some might argue) insignificant thing did happen this weekend, which I thought I would share with my "readers" this morning.

I started drinking coffee in college. I drank coffee in Vienna because everybody drank coffee in Vienna and after that, it was only natural to continue drinking it back in the US. Still...I didn't have particularly good taste in brands or anything like that. Moreover, I drank my coffee black. No cream, no sugar. After all...that was how my parents both drink their coffee, else was I supposed to know? could sometimes taste like drinking an got used to it. least I got used to it that way. The cream thing is body doesn't handle milk very well and I have developed an aversion that is at least partly psychological in nature (though in fact, my aversion to milk products is also biological - I feel awful when I've drank the stuff, have hurled in reaction on numerous occaisions, and can only do milk products in small quantities before feeling ill). Anyway...I can't stand the stuff. I'm not going to try and "defend" myself...after all, there are things that each of us refuses to eat or drink. Milk is on my personal list.

Neither did I use sugar. I don't know why - just never occured to me, I suppose.

For some reason, that changed on Thursday night. After dinner, we all had coffee and when the sugar went past me, I decided to add some to my coffee. I still passed on the cream, but...for some reason, I decided that it wouldn't be a bad idea to add a little sugar. And then, when I had a second cup...I added sugar then, too. And when I got coffee on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and this morning...sugar.

Now I understand why people add sweetener. :)

I need to start trying out the artificial ones, I know...can't add back in calories to the mix. And if the artificial ones taste nasty, I'll probably revert to the old fashioned "black" way of drinking my coffee. But...for the moment...things have changed.


At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Use Splenda, it starts out sugar and then they mutate it. Kt.


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