Tuesday, November 02, 2004

For the official record...

My votes today went to:

President : John Kerry, President and John Edwards, Vice President - D
- No shock there. Listen...like many others, I don't love John Kerry. Neither do I think he'll be some great president. But the alternative is four more years of El Presidente and I think that would be a disaster - one that our country might not be able to survive. So...Kerry gets my vote. He could be better...but then again, he could be Bush.

US House of Representatives, 8th District: James Hurysz - I
- Okay - allow me to explain this one. This is, in a nutshell, a protest vote. I don't particularly like Hurysz. Heck - until the other day I'd never even known anything about him. CC tells me he's an absolute lunatic, filled with conspiracy theories and whatnot. So...why vote for him? Well - for starters, I wasn't about to vote for Lisa Marie Cheney, the Republican. And personally, I cannot stand Jim Moran, the incumbent Democrat. The Post had it right when they refused to make an endorsement in this race - Cheney doesn't deserve the office and Moran will win it handily b/c it's a safe seat. The problem is that Arlington Democrats need to nominate and get behind a real, serious challenger during the primary season in 2006. We need a legit person to get rid of someone (Moran) who is, quite frankly, an embarassment to the district. So...instead of not voting in the race at all, I vote for the lunatic.

I voted straight ticket Democrat on the rest of the ballot, and Yes on all of the bond measures.

So...get out and vote. While I personally care who you vote for, I would rather you vote for someone I don't like than not at all. Democracy only works if we all take part. There is nothing more important, more sacred, that we as citizens of this nation can do. Just my two cents.


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