Monday, November 15, 2004

Hawks survive exhibition scare

Last night's game was a bit too close for comfort, with the Jayhawks finally dispatching Washburn 79-70 in KU's final exhibition warmup before they open the season Friday night against Vermont. I'm hoping it was just a blip on the horizon, but, I can already see what this season is likely to come down to: outside shooting. With our big guys down low, we're going to be good in the paint and I doubt rebounds will be a terrible problem. But we're going to live and die with outside shooting and until we can make people pay for cramming the paint with players and leaving our guards free, I think we'll see a lot of zone defenses and whatnot. It's pretty simple - we make outside shots, we'll win. We don't, we're going to struggle. Against good defensive teams like Oklahoma State, it should be very, very interesting (though we luck out by getting them at home this year).

Bright points from last night include Christian Moody, who played well in somewhat limited action. As did Russell Robinson. the end, this was just an exhibition game and doesn't count for anything. Friday, the scores count for real - time to bring the pain.

"Nobody...I mean nobody...comes into our house and pushes us around."


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