Monday, November 01, 2004

Lessons learned this weekend

I won't go into the full horror story about Saturday night's personal fiasco. Suffice it to say, I did not comport myself particularly well, got way too drunk, and then things went downhill from there - ending with me passed out in the bushes, passed out in the bathroom, passed out on a couch, passed out at home, and being compelled to send apology e-mails to people I may have offended that night.

That said, I think some important lessons were learned.

- probably not a good idea to drown myself with alcohol as a coping mechanism

- I still have a propensity to "howl at the moon" when I drink too much

- hangovers seem worse when you're older

- I have too many "enablers" in my drinking life - and I love all of you ;)

Quote of the night goes to CG, who woke me up when she asked: "OMG - is that **** (me) passed out in the bushes?" Good times...good times...


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