Friday, December 03, 2004

Odds and ends...

I've been slacking off in blog updates...I know. No excuses...just slacking. So, I've decided to combine a whole bunch of unrelated items into one post:

Nats News: Yes, the stadium deal passed the first hurdle on Tuesday. Next hurdle appears to be MLB officially relocating the team, which is expected to come in a conference call vote by MLB owners today. That said...there are still two other hurdles to get approval by the city council (expected to come on either the 14th or 21st, depending) and a deal with that a**hole Angelos, who still is dragging his feet. I'm not too worried about the stadium deal - yes, Selig has said that the deal isn't open to renegotiation and yes...three voters abstained on Tuesday, which theoretically could cause the deal to fail. However, I expect at least Cropp will probably vote in favor in the end, as will at least one of the others. I'm not scared of MLB's approval - they really don't have anywhere else to go, now that they've renamed the team and closed up shop in Montreal. Angelos is a tricky situation, of course...he knows he has MLB over a barrell and he's not about to give up. But, it seems pretty clear that the league can do what it wants I think he'll eventually come to some sort of deal. When is anybody's guess, though.

More Nats: I need a cap. I may go looking either during lunch or after work today. I'd love a jersey, too...but they're not available yet and I can't afford one until the new year. Oh, well...

Steroids: What a surprise...Barry Bonds turns out to be a liar. He denied publicly that he had taken any it turns out that under oath, he admitted to taking them but not knowing what they were. I don't buy that Barry. First of all, I'm betting you knew exactly what you were doing. Second, you clearly learned later what they were and that makes you a liar. So...what am I supposed to believe now? What's going to be your next story? Giambi, for all his faults (and I'm not absolving him) at least admitted that he took them and knew exactly what they were. Even if your records don't get an asterisk,'re tainted for the rest of your career. Cheater, cheater, cheater.

Blue Man Group: Okay...I'll ask...what exactly is the appeal of the Blue Man Group? Am I missing something, or are these just a bunch of guys in blue latex doing strange things on stage and shelling for Intel?

Lost: I'm totally addicted to ABC's program "Lost." Just thought I'd share that little nugget. Every week has improved on the week before. They reveal just enough of the secrets for you not to get frustrated, yet open up enough new mysteries to keep you hooked.

True (movie) confession: I watched Wednesday night and really enjoyed the film "Love Actually." was a romantic comedy. Yes, I watched it at myself. Does this make me pathetic? *shrug* I don't really care. Have I ever mentioned that a not insignificant part of me actually enjoys the movie "You've Got Mail" with Hanks and Ryan? *sigh* Okay - I'm ready to accept a "masculinity fine." ;)

Book: Later today, I'm going to post a review I've been working on for a book I just recently finished. Fantastic thing. Highly recommend it to everyone who reads this.

And now it's lunchtime...


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