Wednesday, January 26, 2005

End in sight?

Could there finally be a light at the end of the tunnel? Once again, rumors swirl of a possible settlement in the NHL labor dispute which has wiped out over half the season this year and threatens hockey fans with the idea of no Stanley Cup being awarded for the first time since the Spanish Flu epidemic wiped out the season in 1919.

I'm guardedly optimistic at this point. Having Bettman and Goodenow not around (again) is a good sign, and one hopes they have (as rumors report) been working on details of a settlement over conference calls and e-mail during the past week. And we can hope that in just a few short week, the topic to discuss will be scoring, checking, hitting, and how awful the Caps are while they're rebuilding (again), instead of "what went wrong" or "what now."

On another note...there's this little gem from the world of hockey. It seems that when he was arrested on a traffic violation earlier this month in Florida, Colorado Avalanche forward Peter Worrell actually identified himself as former teammate Andreas Lilja, who's SUV Worrell was driving. big deal. WRONG. See...Worrell is a 6-foot-7 black man, while Lilja is a 6-foot-3 Swede...who is white.

As always...reality is stranger than fiction.


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