Monday, January 31, 2005

Mondays are never fun...

I think that's usually a general truth - too much nonsense that you have to deal with, the regrets of the past weekend, etc. But...they're even less fun when you're operating on about three hours (no more) of sleep. I've been trying to 'console' myself that at least this time I know why I couldn't sleep last night (no mystery, at least not to me). But the reality is that knowing why you couldn't sleep doesn't change the fact that you couldn't sleep. Oh, well. (And no - I'm not telling you why)

Anyway...a few thoughts for this morning/start of the week...

Looks like I spoke too soon re: NHL. Idiots. Morons. You'd think they'd manage to figure out a way to split all that money, but instead...both sides are going to let it all pour down the drain. Who knows when the next Caps game will be...if there ever is a next game. Idiots.

My lack of interest in the Super Bowl is overwhelming. I really couldn't care less. Amazing, really. I've just totally lost all interest in football whatsoever. *shrug* The same could be said, on a certain level, for Wednesday night's State of the Union address by President Bush. I don't care. He's long since lost my interest.

And then there's "other stuff." I won't go into that.


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