Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Time travel + ice hockey = ???

Okay...let's get a couple of things straight here before I post the link(s).

a.) I love ice hockey. I love the Caps. I miss both terribly and the lockout has been miserable. Both sides are being idiotic, though like most hockey fans...I find myself largely with ZERO sympatchy for the players union.

b.) Since I was a kid, I've always had a fascination with time travel. I think there are tons or reasons why that is, which is a topic for another time. But even now, I eat up time travel movies, stories, novels, ideas, etc. This is why it should be no surprise that "Donnie Darko" is a favorite of mine.

c.) My sense of humor is somewhat...eclectic. That's the best word I can come up with for it. It is sort of all over the place...obscure, sarcastic, punny, etc. that we have the facts down...

McSweeney's has a three-part story called (no...I'm not making this up):
The Philadelphia Flyers Have a Time Machine

It has to be read to be believed. Here's part one, part two, and part three.

How can you pass it up with such lines as:

"And that is how a six-foot-three, 225-pound African-Canadian nearly became the King of the Jews."

JoeBob says check it out.


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