Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Weekend Round-up

Well, it's been over a week now and yet I'm still kinda fighting off this dang cold/flu virus...whatever it is. Still coughing stuff up, which is a less than pleasant experience as I'm sure you can relate. Moreover...arrived at work this morning to the news that one of the GroupWise post offices is experiencing a hardware failure. Joy upon joy.

Anyway...a round-up of some things of note from over the weekend:

Colts and Manning: Okay...fool me once, shame on you. Fool me three times, shame on me. My goodness...what a completely pathetic performance on Sunday afternoon/evening. I've backed this team for a long time but...sooner or later, you need to prove you can beat the elite teams, folks. And you can't blame the defense...they actually didn't play all that bad. Three points just isn't going to cut it. Yuck.

As for the games this weekend...I suppose I'm rooting for Pittsburgh and Atlanta. Pittsburgh because I know some Steelers fans who would appreciate it and I detest the Patriots, their coach, and their arrogant fans. Atlanta because...well...because the schadenfreude part of me would just love to see the reaction of Philly fans if they were to lose a fourth straight conference championship game.

Last gasp for the NHL?:

Late news from the world of hockey last night (hockey, you ask? what's that?). Seems that Trevor Linden didn't want to let the season just slip right away without at least trying one more time. The interesting thing is that this will be a meeting without the two chief antagonists (Bettman and Goodenow), whose mutal lack of respect for one another (one is tempted to call it hatred) has in the eyes of some, poisoned the whole process. Instead, there will be three "underlings" from each side in attendance.

On the one hand, this is a positive development (the optimist in me is looking for ANY positive here). At least they're going to talk to each other, rather than dueling e-mails and wars in the press. At least they're not going to just abandon all hope for the season without at least talking one more time. And maybe...just maybe...having the two "ringleaders" not present will encourage some frank conversation on the matters at hand as well as ways to get around this problem. Maybe Linden can ask whether the owners really are willing to throw away the season, and the Board of Governors rep (Carolina's owner) can ask whether the players are really lock-step behind Goodenow. Maybe they can find a way to work out their differences.

Then again...neither side will be presenting a new "proposal" for a contract, though that doesn't preclude one coming out of it. Moreover, I have my doubts that either side is willing to make the concessions necessary to get a deal done...and without the "true powers" present, this could be doubly true. But...kudos to Linden for at least trying. *shrug*

So...that about covers it for this morning. I have some other things to put up, but they'll have to wait until later today. Ta.


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