Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Dean set to become chair of DNC

Well...the last rival, Tim Roemer, dropped out yesterday, which leaves the good doctor pretty well assured of victory in the race to be chair of the DNC. I'm not sure what to think. I was a supporter of Dean's in 2004 - donated to his campaign several times, tbh. I mostly did that because he was one of the only candidates to stand up and speak out against Iraq (from the beginning) and the mess President Bush was making of America. He was one of the few in the party who was willing to stand up and say that "the emperor has no clothes!" and I admired him for it. He is far less than the "left wing socialist liberal" that he gets painted as by the right both in the GOP and in his own party. Most of his policies are middle-of-the-road, positively "Clintonian" in a lot of ways.

And yet...I have mixed feelings about him heading up the DNC. He's such a polarizing figure, but...then again...so was Lee Atwater (who engineered so much GOP success in the 80s), Newt Gingerich, Ralph Reed, Oliver North and so many others on the right. Maybe it would be good to have somebody vocal "out there" for the left in America. And he certainly has a passionate base, which can help with fundraising for the party's efforts in the future. And...perhaps this is best because it will keep Dean off the ticket in 2008 (though I think the priority for '08 needs to be that Hillary stays in the Senate - don't do it, Mrs. Clinton...please...for the sake of the party...don't do it), leaving the race to others who can use Dean's work within the party to their advantage. Maybe. I guess only time will tell...


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