Friday, February 04, 2005

A few assorted thoughts...

Today is payday (hooray!). Also the weekend, Super Bowl, etc. Thir morning, I have almost zero desire to complete any real work (big surprise). So...I've decided to simply ramble on about a few assorted topics...

Super Bowl: *yawn* I couldn't possibly care less. I don't particularly like either team, though I suppose I find myself rooting for the E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles! simply b/c I can't stand the Patriots and their arrogant fans. And I hate "dynasties." And because they're the overwhelming underdog.

"Shooting people is fun": Priceless. Once again...I would like to object to the constant glorification of the military and the concept that they're all honorable and can do no wrong. Most of them are. Not all. Some of them are most certainly -not- honorable. Just speaking for the record.

Hockey: *sigh* Like I've said....idiots and morons. I have ZERO sympathies for the players "union" crying about making $1.5 million instead of $1.7 million, as if they won't be able to feed their familes. You play a game, for crud's sake. You're lucky. I say...bring on the scabs. The sooner we're rid of those spoiled babies...the better. I've read the NHL's latest offer and it seems perfectly reasonable to me. How can professional hockey, the least popular of the "big four" professional North American team sports (after football, baseball, and basketball - NASCAR, golf, tennis don't count) be the only one without any kind of linkage between player salaries and revenue? *shrug* has a good in-depth description of what (potentially) happens next: the declaration of an "impasse" by the owners and replacement players (translation...the "lockout" ends and is replaced by a "player strike"...though not before the courts get involved). tried this after the 1994 strike but failed. However...the NHL has a leg up in that this thing has gone on far longer than the MLB workstoppage did.


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