Wednesday, February 09, 2005

So you want to be an illegal immigrant: by, The Government of Mexico

I have two comments to make about this article from today's NYT, which details the Mexican government's pamphlet for citizens trying to make illegal entry to the United States for work. The pamphlet advises them on various different aspects of sneaking into the US, to behave once they hit the streets in order to prevent being caught. My thoughts are:

a.) Nice to know that our "ally" south of the border has our best interests at heart. Nice to know that the Mexican government is doing everything in it's power to curb illegal immigration from their side. Yes...I know all of the "positives" that such a publication avoid unnecessary deaths and whatnot. BUT...I would think that this goes a bit across the line.

That said...

b.) I find it absolutely hilarious that the Mexican illegals who were shown the pamphlet in LA by the reporter found it "useless," "worthless," and otherwise a joke. In other words...things are the same all over - government documents are useless. ;)


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