Thursday, February 03, 2005

State of the Union

Didn't watch Bush make his little speech last night. TBH, I've heard everything that man has to say. He hasn't said anything "new" or "noteworthy" in so long...I can't remember the last time I actually watched him speak. The post-9/11 speech, perhaps. Some of the Iraq speeches. The debates. Nothing since. Just not interested., I'm going to engage in a little self-affirmation exercise. LT, down in the Finance office today, looked at an old picture of me and said, "You turned into a real hottie!" and that has me feeling so good about confidant...that I felt I'd come up with a good list of all my "good points" - the things that make me "me" and make "me" such an awesome person. Yes...this is a bit of masturbation, perhaps...but it's important (IMO) that we remember all the good things about ourselves, rather than dwell on the negatives and whatnot. we go...

My Positive Aspects

- I am an excellent friend. I volunteer to help people out when they need it, I seldom ask for any recognition for my help, and I am quick to offer assistance to any friend in need - no matter what the need might be. I provide an excellent sounding-board for my friends and am exceptionally loyal to them. I might not agree with all the decisions they make, but...once they make a decision, I support them 110 percent. And if it falls apart, I don't waste time with "told ya so's" - I pick up the pieces and help them move on.

- I am intelligent. Maybe sometimes too smart for my own good, since I have a thirst for sharing my information with others, but...I'm a smart cookie. I know a great deal of things about a wide range of subjects and generally am never "lost" in a conversation (unless the math/science get beyond my level of comprehension). I pay attention to world events and news here at home. I read widely in both fiction and non-fiction on any number of subjects and constantly have a hunger for expanding my own knowledge.

- I have an excellent sense of humor. Okay...maybe it's a little eccentric. Sometimes I'm the only one laughing. But...I laugh and stupid things, too...and little things. And obscure things. True...I couldn't tell a joke to save my life (unless it is short...and even then sometimes I f*ck it up)...but...I have a sort of "natural" sense of humor. I tell entertaining and funny stories...most of which revolve around the fact that usually not a day goes by without my doing something: a.) stupid, b.) embarassing, or c.) stupidly embarassing. I've learned that it's best just to admit such things.

- I am good at my job. I enjoy helping and teaching people about computers. I've learned that this is what I do better than anything else. I think "teaching" is (one way or another) in my blood, coming from two parents who were teachers. That doesn't mean I love every day at work; just that I enjoy what I do in general. I stumbled into this line of work accidentally and I managed to find something I not only enjoy, but am kind of good at. Life's funny that way.

- I'm fun. Hey...I'm a fun guy to be around. Everybody likes being around me. I can be serious, funny, goofy, or just plain obnoxious...all depending on what's called for. Plus, I'm a pretty good peacemaker between people, which is always a plus. I have a wide range of interests and passions, which makes me just about the most "well rounded" person I know. I'm certainly not boring. Eccentric, eclectic...goofy...all true. But not boring.

- I'm extremely loyal. If you really know me, you'll know that I pride myself on loyalty to my friends, colleagues, associates, etc. I do not talk behind the backs of my friends. I do not scheme and plot and carry on. I'm open and honest and I treat all of my friends like princes and princesses.

- I'm charming. Yes...I have those pesky Midwestern values of honesty and hard work and all that. But...I can be quite charming when I want to. I think I have good chemistry with a lot of people, particularly when I really decide to "turn on the charm."

I look good...getting better every day. I feel awesome. I'm good enough, I'm smart enough...and gosh darnit...people like me! ;)


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