Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Blahs

Several thoughts on a multitude of subjects this morning, but I'll start with the Super Bowl, which the Patriots won last night for the third time in four years. Listen - I've never been a Patriots fan. I've never rooted for them, though I never "hated" them either. I was always rather ambivalent towards them, tbh. What I object to is what I perceive as the arrogance of Patriots fans, who have become the NFL's version of Yankees fans (IMO) - fairweather fans who have become spoiled and arrogant because their team is successful. I object to Bill Belicheck, who dresses like a homeless person on the sidelines. And I object to the Patriots players last night, who won but lost some of my respect in the process by flapping their arms to taunt the Eagles and their fans. That was totally classless. was a blah game. Neither team played particularly well, particularly the Eagles. Commercials were lame (for the most part). Pregame was AWFUL - took forever and was filled with flag waving hyper-patriotism ( was on FOX). Announcers were awful. Etc. I think this review of the game over at Slate was probably the most accurate (ie, least fawning over the Patriots, whom it calls "the lamest dynasty ever").

But...the season is finally over and now we can all collectively move on.

A few other things of note this morning...

The NYT carries an article this morning on the various movements (non-partisan, grassroots, and others) afoot in several states to make redistricting a non-partisan decision, taking it out of the state legislatures. It's an interesting I have to admit is intriguing. While it might hurt Democrats in some states, it would likely help them elsewhere (in places like Texas, for example), where GOP legislatures have carved up the state to make it impossible to have real contests. Would also make the House composition more competitive, which I'm all in favor of. The lack of real turnover there is disturbing.

NYT also has this little tidbit on the reading habits of our President (who previously said he doesn't read). Don't know what to think about his enjoying Tom Wolfe's latest sex and alcohol fueled novel. I guess old habits die hard, Mr. President?

Not a whole lot else to report. Went to Great Falls on Saturday - nice time. Sorta. Long story there that I'm not going to delve into.


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