Thursday, February 10, 2005

TiVo, I love you

Have I ever mentioned how much I love TiVo? How it has changed my entirely television viewing experience? How it is the greatest thing awhile. Yes? Well...allow someone else to do the same. This FAQ (off of a site called "The Morning News," which I only recently discovered) says many/most of the things I've thought at one time or another.'s hilarious. In particular, I like the following:
Q: How does TiVo know to record programs for me that I might like?

A: The long answer the TiVo marketing executives would like you to believe is that TiVo uses a sophisticated algorithm that compares your viewing habits to the behavior of other TiVo users, but the truth comes in a one-word answer: druids. Druids have spells, magical spells that they cast to determine your deepest wishes and desires when it comes to television viewing. Do not be afraid! Druids engage only in friendly, white magic. Wiccans (i.e., lesbians), on the other hand, are a different matter. They should never be allowed to own—or program—a TiVo.
Check out the rest of that site, too. Very literary minded. I am enjoying their "tournament of books" for novels published in 2004 to determine a "champion" book, rather than all those other mystifying awards that have esoteric criterea that nobody can decipher. I'll be interested to see how Tom Wolfe ends up faring in that...I smell an upset! ;)


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