Monday, March 21, 2005

Death squads? What death squads??

If you were not yet convinced that Bush and the GOP really feel they can do whatever they want...let's examine the case of John Negroponte...our ambassador to Iraq (aka...puppetmaster) and Bush's nominee for the post of national intelligence director (czar...hate that word). His latest claim to fame appears to be his official denial that there were any death squads operating in Honduras while he was our ambassador to the military government there during the early-mid 1980s. That's right...there were no death squads.

Oh. Wait a minute...the CIA confirms that there were government-backed death squads in Honduras then and that the embassy there tried to minimize the PR damage that an important anti-communist ally was involved in such activities (hardly a first). And so does an ombudsman appoints by the Honduran government. And an international court for human rights.

He didn't just deny it then. He denied it four years ago! *sigh* These people will say and do anything. But...hey...let's all get worked up over Clinton's infidelities.



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