Monday, March 21, 2005

Finally, at last...

When I moved to the area six years ago I never imagined wanting to actually live in the city. Suburbs, yes...but the city? No way! After all, I was a native Kansan...moving from an area with a total population of about 60,000 (Lawrence, KS...minus the students). I'd lived in San Antonio for four years, but...Trinity Univ. was more like a self-contained community within the city - sometimes literally walled off from the outside. Topeka is a city of 120,000 but seems much smaller than that...since I've moved East, this is doubly-true. only other experience with living "in" a city was my time spent in Vienna, Austria back in '94 and even had been somewhat limited because it was...well...a foreign city. ;)

So...when I moved after a year, I ended up going from Silver Spring (it was only barely Silver Spring...more accurate would be to say I lived in Langley Park *shudder*) to Crystal City in Arlington (VA). Three years there, then two years near East Falls Church metro...still in Arlington. The longer I stayed in the area, however, the more I wanted to live in the city. To truly experience an urban existance. I loved coming to the city and hated having to go so far away. Nearly all my friends were in the city for that well as nearly everything I wanted to do. So...when it came down to looking to find a new place...I made up my mind to make the move into Washington proper.

And as of Saturday...that was finally accomplished. That's right...I'm now a genuine Washingtonian. I've surrendered my rights to congressional representation (sorta...still have to sort out my automotive stuff...ugh...until then, I officially reside in VA I suppose). I've left bizarre Virginia state politics for the creme-de-la-bizarroland that is DC city politics. And I couldn't be happier. I swear it was almost impossible to get the smile off my face on Saturday night. ;)

A few initial thoughts:
  • New place is walking distance to work (took about 30 minutes today). Very cool. I'm definitely going to be taking advantage of that.
  • New roommates are very cool, though I haven't really seen much of them yet.
  • Interesting neighborhood. Looking forward to exploring a bit more around there in the days and weeks to come.
  • Have I mentioned how cool it is to be a cityperson? ;)


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