Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Moving Week

I know...short on updates. Hasn't been a lack of things to say (who, me?)...just a lack of time. Busy at work and busy with getting ready to move (this weekend...more or less). So...just an FYI.

That said...a few quickie things to note...

Marc Fisher's column in the WaPo Metro today is an outstandingly bitter rant against local pariah Peter Angelos (The Baron of Baltimore, he calls him). Those who read this blog know my feelings for the Orioles and Angelos, so I won't bother to repeat them. But, it's interesting to see how the true bitterness towards Angelos is really starting to come out. I'm not certain if even Baltimore fans particularly "like" the man (say what you will about Abe Pollin...but...some people, for some reason, love ol 'Skeletor.'). Anyway...Fisher's column is mostly amusing in it's bitterness towards Angelos' behavior. At least...I found it so...

More unrest from GOP moderates and fiscal conservatives in Congress...threatening attempts at passing the President's and GOP leadership's budget proposals. Like I said last week...at times, it seems like the wheels are coming off for the President. Heck...today even David Brooks (of all people - usually one of the administration's loudest trumpet blowers, blowhards, and a member of what I like to call the "idiot right"...not to be confused with the "lunatic right," the "fascist right," and other wings...j/k) all but pronounced the President's social security reform plan as dead....this after helping the President lead the bandwagon for the last three months.


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