Wednesday, March 30, 2005


We all have them. No matter how many times we tell ourselves that we're going to live an open life - no more secrets, no more lying, no more dishonesty, etc. - we keep having secrets. Sometimes we keep things secret out of fear. Sometimes out of hope. Sometimes out of shame. There are a thousand reasons, really. I certainly have a bunch. Fewer than I once did, but...I have my fair share...not that I'm particularly proud of that.

All of this serves as prelude for this little gem I ran across today after hearing a story promo on NPR this morning (the story itself was on NPR's All Things Considered tonight, thus...I didn't hear it until tonight). The idea is to make your own "postcard" and send it to this guy in Germantown, MD...and he posts the best ones on the net (anonymous, naturally). I'm sure there's a fair bit of lies out there...but...I'm equally sure there's a fair bit of truth. And if so...there's some poignant and interesting stuff there. Take a look. I'm considering sending in one myself...something I've always wanted to get off my chest.


At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like the apology line. They had a peice on This American Life a while back. You can find it in the archives as the 11/15/04 broadcast.



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