Monday, March 28, 2005

Things learned over this weekend...

1.) I was exhausted. There were plans for a trip to the DMV to get all that stuff squared away on Saturday morning. Yeah...not so much. Alarm went off at 6am and I protested. CP called me at 11:30am...I was still in bed. Even after talking to her for ten minutes, I was tired and went back to sleep until 1pm. That's right....1pm. the DMV has to be done on this not pass not collect $200.

2.) I am entirely too close to Cake Love than is healthy. Raspberry on vanilla cupcake...yum.

3.) I own too many books. Wait...I already knew that. My problem is that I can't resist getting more. I step into Kramerbooks on a Sunday morning and step out with a book or two. It's like I'm some sort of sick junkie!

4.) Don't admit tendancies to friends who will then turn around and analyze purchases you make based on those tendancies. Not unless you want to be made fun of.

5.) I'm new to the District and new to Columbia Heights. The shooting on my block was tragic. I certainly hope the victim is okay and that police catch the person who did this. I gather from articles in the paper that the building in question has been a "problem site" for some time - both with shootings as well as with drug dealing. I'm happy to see a regular police presence as they attempt to get this building under control, since it will make the neighborhood better for all of us (even if I've never felt unsafe there). My question is...if the gunman had fired six or seven shots and hit nobody...then fled the scene...would the police presence be there today? If an adult drug dealer had been hit...would the police be cracking down on this building? Where were they a week ago if they knew this building was a problem spot?

6.) Where did these yahoos come from? This Schiavo thing keeps getting odder and odder. Yesterday, there was an incident at the press conference:
After remarks by Randall Terry -- an activist against abortion rights who has been acting as a spokesman for Terri Schiavo's family, the Schindlers -- members of a group calling itself the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigades seized control of the microphones and blasted Terry as a "Christian fascist thug" trying to interfere in "the most intimate affairs of life and death."
The "Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigades?" What...are we all of a sudden back in the 60s/70s? Can I join?

7.) We're one week and counting from opening day of MLB 2005. Nats are shaping up to be an interesting team - lots of if's with them so they could end up being surprisingly competitive, or awful. Time will tell. Right now, I think if they stay healthy the added fan support of having a real "home" (don't get me started on Montreal) and future and a passionate group of baseball hungry fans should push them to maybe 75 victories. .500 ball is probably a stretch given their competitive division. That said...the Royals?....ugh. "Rebuilding" again. Probably headed for 90+ loses...again. Back to being the doormat of the American League Central...again.

8.) I'm just nine short days away from Cancun, Mexico. Can't wait. :-)


At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 17th and Independence area (SE) had an increased police presence after 3 shootings in the general area with in a week, about 3 weeks ago. The enthusiasm must've diminished and business as usual returned, as 7 to 9 shots rang out in the wee hours the day before yesterday.

Want to keep that extra police presence? Police say that if x number of phone calls are received over a y amount of time for a specific address/intersection, then said address/interesection is supposed to automatically receive increased intention. I want to say 14 calls in a month, but I'm not swearing by that.



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