Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Christian Guzman Watch: Day 3

Another "awesome" performance from our favorite whipping boy, this time going 0 for 4 and leaving a staggering four runners on base (odd note: MLB seems to track LOB numbers for each individual game, but not over the course of the season...project for the coming weekend...figure out Guzman's LOB numbers for the year). Once again, Frank pulls Christian in the 9th for Baerga's bat. Tonight, it pays off with a clutch hit that ties up the game and Frank pulls Baerga for Harris and moves Carroll over to SS. I'm hoping Christian gets an "off day" tomorrow during the day game. Even if it didn't result in a win last night, it showed (once more) the utility of not having a nearly automatic out batting in that position.

Guzman drops to 1 for 12 since the watch began...and drops his batting average to an anemic .188. We're approaching Buddy Biancalana territory here...


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