Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Christian Guzman Watch: Week Two!!

Christian "Swings at Everything" Guzman continued to bring new meaning to the word craptacular this weekend, going a combined 3 for 14 over the four day weekend stretch in St. Louis and against Atlanta yesterday. None of those three hits were for extra bases, so his OPS and SLG went down every day. He combined those three hits with 1 walk and 1 run scored, but added 4 strikeouts to his total (including a horrendous 0-3 with 3 Ks one night in St. Louis) and left a whopping 9 runners on base during those four games (including 6 yesterday...6!!).

After one week of the Watch, Christian's numbers are:
AB: 29 H: 4 AVG: .138 K: 6 BB: 1 XBH: 0 LOB: 17 R: 2 RBI: 0

His numbers for the season:
AB: 171 H: 32 K: 32 (*sigh* hits and strikeouts are the same) BB: 9 XBH: 5 RBI: 6 HR: 1

His percentages: BA: .187 OBP: .227 SLG: .234 OPS: .460

At this point, he's by far the worst hitter on the team of the regular position players and subs and is actually trailing a number of pitchers in multiple statistical catagories. I did some playing and checking on ESPN.com's MLB statistics page and was able to determine that Christian is, in fact, the worst hitting regular (minimum 150 plate appearances) in Major League Baseball.

(Note: Yes, Aaron Boone and Carlos Pena have worse BA's, but...have hit for significantly more power and RBIs...I'm not one of the OPS "true believers" in sabermetrics, but...in this case, I think it's an important distinction. Not only is the Guz not hitting for average, he isn't hitting for power either...the combination makes him the worst hitting regular, in my book).

How long do we have to put up with this? Isn't there a better option?


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