Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Guzman Watch: Day 4

Christian did get the start this afternoon as Frank decided to rest Vinny instead. We're rewarded with another 0-fer as Guzman goes 0 for 3 with a walk and a strikeout. This lowers his BA to .185 and drops his stats since the Watch officially started keeping track to 1 for 15.

About the only good thing to come out of the Cincy series appears to be that Guzman won't start tomorrow. Of course...we have an off day tomorrow. I'm telling you...batting cage. There has to be one in St. Louis somewhere....

Nats are probably glad to see Cincinnati in the rear-view mirror. A miserable series. In the first two games, we couldn't buy RBIs for anything, leaving countless numbers of runners on base. In today's matinee, we had the wonderful "pitching" of Claudio Vargas putting us behind the eightball from the first inning. Vargas once again was shaky right out of the gate, giving up 3 runs in less than 2 innings before Frank got the hook, bumping his ERA up close to 10.00 now. In three starts, he's pitched 6.2 total average of just over two innings per start...and given up 14 runs (13 of them earned) - an average of nearly 5 per start. I won't even get into the hits and walks numbers...they only make you want to cry.

The question I have is...why is Frank sticking with him? It seems painfully obvious that he just isn't cutting it out there. Why not put him in the pen and let him get his stuff back, while Tomo Ohka gets a chance...having pitched pretty well of late. Then again...I'd like to ask Frank about Guzman. And why Ryan Church is still getting platooned.


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