Monday, May 23, 2005

Message to Tony Kornheiser

After reading today's editorial by Post "columnist" (I use that term this point, Tony's only vaguely related to the Washington know...the paper that sorta employs him) Tony Kornheiser, I found myself thinking:

Pot...this is the're black. you really still work for the Post? I checked online...according to the archives...since February 22nd, you've written a total of eight columns. That's eight columns in thirteen average of about one every ten days or so. By my book...that's hardly praiseworthy...nor is it much about "Team Post." In the years I've lived've progressively done more and more self-promotion than any other Post employee that I can think of (including Tom Boswell, a far better writer, Mike Wilbon...a better tv/radio personality...who still writes more columns than you do, plus several award winning journalists and columnists from the regular news team). It's always about you, Tony. Your books, and your radio show, and your tv show, and your tv show based on your book, etc. You'd rather do that than actually write columns...and then when you write something, we're supposed to find it fascinating and important? Please! Wilbon drives me crazy and he writes too much about basketball, least he still does online chats (something you're too busy for anymore) and writes columns (the number he's written in the same time is so much's pointless to compare numbers).

Don't go away mad, Tony....just go away.


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