Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday Nats, a new feature!

After faltering Friday and Saturday to the Blue Jays (including another lifeless performance by Antonio Vargas, who seems destined for the bullpen at this point), the Nationals salvaged the series with an afternoon victory on the shoulders of a strong performance by Tomo Ohka...who's probably headed back into the rotation at the expense of Vargas. The performance in the Toronto series was pretty lifeless in the first two games...but, Vargas put us behind the eight-ball on Friday, while Roy Halliday made certain that Saturday was largely pointless. Still - we're four games over .500 heading into Cincinnati to take on the Reds...and only 2 games back of Florida.

That said...the injuries continue to pile up. At this point, Wilkerson's arm is in a sling, Vinny Castilla's knee hurts, Jeffrey Hammonds has a pulled hammy, Guillen's ribs still hurt, and Frank Robinson's head is probably sore from banging it against a wall every time Christian Guzman comes to the plate. That's in addition to Eischen, Osuna, Cordero, Mateo, Vidro, Escobar and Sledge...all on the DL already. Even Zach Day's sister is ailing. Can you say walking wounded? One begins to wonder about the training staff when so many injuries pile up all of a sudden. Oh...I's probably just a fluke. wonders.


Christian Gets a Hit!!!

On to the subject of Christian Guzman. I'm officially going to start (as of this morning) a "Christian Guzman Watch" on this site. Each day, we'll track his hideous statistics (offensive and defensive) and hope/pray/sacrifice small animals to the Gods that Vidro gets healthy so we can move Carroll over, Frank gets fed up with his performance and benches him for Baerga, or Jim Bowden makes a move to get someone else. One can hope...'s Christian Guzman Watch:

Yesterday...Christian went 1-5, scoring a run but leaving 4 runners on base during the course of the game. For those scoring at home, that's his first hit in a week, breaking an 0 for 20 slump. His 7-day totals:
AB: 23 H: 1 R: 1 BB: 1 K: 5 AVG: .043

That brings his stellar season totals to:
AB: 147 H: 29 R: 8 BB: 8 HR: 1 XBH: 5 RBI: 6 SLG: .252 K: 26 (on pace for a career high there) AVG: .197 (below the Mendoza Line!!) OBP: .237 OPS: .489 Errors: 4

No glaring fielding mistakes during the last week, but...also some lazy throws that could have turned into errors. He looks sloppy and like he isn't paying attention a good deal of the time out in the field...which was the single reason we signed him in the first place, if you'll recall. So...if you can't field (he has 4 errors this year...on pace to perhaps double last year's number) and you can't hit...what use are you?

Note: In full self-disclosure, I should officially note that with most teams I love...I tend to pick a player and harp on them until they either get better, I find someone worse to harp on, or the player leaves the team. Previous examples include too many Capitals players to mention, including current object of my hatred, Stephen Peat. Guzman's just the first Nat to make this dubious distinction. ;)


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