Friday, May 27, 2005

Nats send Vargas down to New Orleans

Busy day for GM Jim Bowden yesterday, sending Claudio "Batting Practice Pitcher" Vargas down to AAA New Orleans along with Zach Day, placed John Rauch on the DL with what may be a season ending injury *sigh*, moved Termel Sledge and his wounded shoulder from the 15 to the 60-day DL (translation: Lost for the Season), signed pitcher CJ Nowitski, who was released by Pittsburgh, activated TJ Tucker off the DL, and brought up Sun Woo Kim and Tyrell Godwin from AAA to fill the other gaps.

As for Zach Day...hopefully regular work in the minors for a while will get his stuff back - hasn't had it since they broke camp. Plus, he and Frank haven't been getting along...for mysterious unknown reasons (other than the incident in LA, of course). Vargas - well...I think the Post's story says it best:
"I don't feel comfortable," he said afterward. "I don't feel confident."

Bowden's feelings were clear. "I had seen enough," he said.
Nice to see someone was paying attention.

For those keeping score, that's 10 men on the DL...more than any other team in MLB. And those are just the ones on the actual disabled list. Another Post article points out that several players on the active roster are playing with minor injuries. One begins to wonder if it's just a fluke, or if there's a problem with the training staff, or Frank, or what...'s on to St. Louis, where the Nats will take on the team that's atop the entire National League. Followed by Atlanta and Florida. These next three series are, unfortunately, critical. Doing well in them won't "win the division" for us...but we need to at least break even...or else we can start thinking about what to do in the offseason...because we'll be too many games back.


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