Monday, May 23, 2005

Post "opens a dialogue" with readers over Orioles coverage

This was posted on Saturday and was in yesterday's paper, however...I note it now because that's when I noticed it.

Some (myself included) have questioned the Post's continuing loyalty to giving the Orioles the same level of treatment that the Nationals receive. Indeed...some (again, myself included) have argued that the Post has been giving too much coverage of the Orioles, and that they should scale back (eg, seldom appear on the front page, never above the Nats). Personally, I differ from those who think they should be banished entirely, or treated like Cleveland, etc. My thoughts are that coverage of the Orioles should basically be limited to what the Ravens get here...never above the Nats, unless something extraordinary occurs...and if that means you have to put the Orioles below the fold...or even on the be it.

I'll admit it...Peter Angelos pretty much burned his bridges with me as a baseball fan. I'll go to Orioles games, but most of the's just going to be to enjoy a game, or root for another team playing there. I don't listen to them on the radio, or watch them on TV, or even really read much about them. They belong to Baltimore. That said...I also have friends who continue to root passionately for, I would never suggest that the Post abandon them to wire reports. Treat them like the Ravens. They're close enough that they deserve that.

Anyway...apparently the matter has been enough of an issue that the Post has decided to open up an open forum for fans to debate the matter. No word whether or not the Post will consider changing their policy based on it (translation: don't bet on it), least they're letting people be heard on the matter. was unusual enough to see that I thought I'd post it here.


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