Friday, May 20, 2005

Revenge of the Sith

Well...last night, I saw ROTS over at the Uptown. The usual crowd of normals put it mildly...freaks. Listen...I have no problem with the fact that I went to a Star Wars movie on it's opening day. There are still geeky parts of me and that's one of them - I'm not ashamed one bit. But...even so...I'm enough of a "normal" that I don't dress up, bring toys, cheer, etc. during the movie. I mean...come on folks, this is a movie...nothing more. Have some perspective.

As for the movie itself...a vast improvement over the first two prequels. A much, much, much better movie...and not just because it is so much darker. The storyline is better, more epic, etc. There are still klunky scenes and dialogue...and Portman/Christiansen still have absolutely zero on-screen chemistry together...but....all in all, a much better movie. Personally...I'd have to say it was easily the best of the three prequels...and best of the four movies Lucas himself wrote and directed (Episodes 1-4). Speaking on a personal level...I'd probably rank this one behind Empire and about even with Jedi (unlike many...I adore Return of the Jedi and for a long time, preferred it over Empire). It is almost operatic at times (Williams does a fantastic job with the score for Sith - I've been critical of the stuff he did for Phantom Menace and Clones, but this was spot-on). I'll be interested in the DVD to see the times, it felt like we were missing some information that dealt with more of the politics and whatnot...would have been nice to see.

All in all...a worthwile trip to the movies. I look forward to seeing this one again...hopefully without quite as much crowd noise as there was last night (nearly as bad as Union Station at times).

More posts to come later in the morning/afternoon...time to get some real work done.


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