Monday, May 09, 2005

Thoughts following a perfect weekend

What a great weekend. Just about as close to perfect as I'd care to guess is possible. Incredible weather (if a bit windy on Sunday) and good times. Treebox gardening on Saturday was actually fun - hadn't worked much with my hands in the dirt in a long time...refreshing. I must have walked 10 miles on Saturday in moving about the city. Booksale was good, even if I only bought some cookbooks for myself (and one novel). Hitchhiker's Guide was "okay." Funny. On the whole, not a bad adaptation of the novel, though I still believe I am partial to the BBC radio series (interesting side point - I found it fascinating that the musical "theme" of the movie was, more or less, an adaptation of the one from the radio...complete with banjo!).

Yesterday, saw the Royals beat the Orioles...just their eighth win of the season. Controversial finish with some O's fans/players/team, but the balk looked legit to me...and the play at first base seemed clearly Palmiero's fault. Moreover...Sweeney's homerun late in the game made the whole thing academic. Nice to see a KC win...there will be precious few of those this season.

Ben Folds concert - amazing. Words fail me to describe it. Not only was his performance absolutely incredible...but the opening act was too funny for words. Imagine a cross between Meatloaf and Jack Black...with an accordion. ;)


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