Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Too little time, too many books...

Why can't I just get a job reading books and watching movies? I'm not asking for much - just to watch movies and read books and get paid for doing that. I don't mean write criticism - then I'd have to see things I didn't want to see, or read utter cr*p. No...I just want to go and see and read and maybe write about it now and then...but not have to.

In other words, we're back to my fantasy of being independently wealthy. Again. And since there isn't much chance of that happening anytime soon...

Well, I'm back at work again today...once more trying to figure out why KC's new laptop keeps giving me problems. This would be so much easier if I'd been able to use a standard Windows XP load, but the custom software won't work with WinXP...much like it won't work with OfficeXP and only sorta works with Win2k. Joys. Stupid Intel ProSet wireless software is also buggy as all h*ll and causes problems when it's enabled. So...yes...I love my job...why do you ask? ;)

Went to my fourth Nats game (and 7th baseball game in general) last night - a rousing 8-2 loss to the Brewers. I've seen two games with SG out at RFK now, and the combined score has been: Nationals: 6 - Visitors: 17. And last night, the Brewers pitcher kept up a perfect game into the bottom of the 7th inning before he lost it and only lost the shutout in the bottom of the 9th on a meaningless garbage time 2-run HR by Nick Johnson. We'll see if the trend continues tomorrow for the "businessman's special" out at RFK in the afternoon we're going to for his birthday. Then again...they're forcasting rain.

Also tomorrow, I get to see my last Star Wars film. Meh. It's gotten decent reviews so far, but the first two left me feeling so disappointed that I'm hard placed to actually get my hopes up or anything. All I know is that the theatre will be crowded, the film will have corny Lucas-written romance dialogue, etc. Hopefully it'll just be "better than the last two." *shrug* Expectations on my end really can't be much lower.

Back to the subject of books...over the weekend, I finished William Wharton's "Dad," which I'd been meaning to read for years and avoided for one reason or another (in particular, because the one time I almost bought it, my grandfather died and I wasn't sure I could handle it then...and that was nine years ago). I found a cheap copy in mass market paperback at a booksale and picked it up a few months ago. Reasonably quick read. Not a bad novel. Sad in a lot of ways. Familiar in some others. Not as memorable as "Birdy," I thought...nor as gripping as "A Midnight Clear." Don't really know what I was expecting, but it wasn't anything particularly memorable.

I then moved on to start "Helliconia Spring," by Brian Aldiss...another book I picked up in mass-market paperback at a booksale which I'd been looking for an excuse to read for a long time - indeed, since it was recommended to mean years and years ago by my father. Unfortunately (or fortunately...depends on your vantage point), the books I ordered from the UK arrived on Helliconia has become something of a Metro-book (convienent for that purpose since it's a mass market paperback) while at home, I've started Nich Hornby's "A Long Way Down"...which I absolutely adore (so far). Yes...I'm sick. Yes...I need help. The good news is that the last month or so of reading only mass-market paperbacks has cleared off an entire shelf of space on one, no more books just stacked in front of other books. CP isn't around to make fun of me and yell at me for purchases - she hasn't been over in at least a month (we're that far behind on "Alias" the time she gets back to DC, we'll have seven hours worth to watch). And...I'm sensing another "paring" of the shelves coming on. I can already see a few items up there that I don't really need/want anymore. *shrug* Who can say?

And would appear that the nuclear clock is now ticking to midnight. Christianists like Bill Frist and his allies have refused to compromise one bit and are going to take this to a floor vote...probably (according to today's Post) next Tuesday or Wednesday. My thoughts are pretty obvious about all this, this point, I'd like to see the Senate get over this. Either change the rules, or don't. Either change the rules...and we can hit back in the Senate now, and in midterm elections next year...or don't. Let's just get it over with. Move on!!!


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