Friday, May 06, 2005

You say goodbye, I say hello

I've been lazy since I got back from Mexico. There's been plenty to talk about, I just haven't done so. I don't have a good explanation or excuse, so I won't bore you with one. That said...I'll get back to filling you in on all the weird things that go on in our world, at my job, and in my life. So...without anymore hesitation...back to regularly scheduled programming...

Whitlock v. Peterson: The latest
Those who've ever heard me rant about the Kansas City Star, the only halfway decent newspaper published least 200 miles of my hometown (Topeka), know that I really can't stand Jason Whitlock, one of it's "star" sports columnists. He gets his face on ESPN now and then and says controversial things...mostly (in my opinion) to get attention. If he was a truly good writer, he wouldn't be in KC anymore ( opinion). Joe Posnanski, the Star's veteran columnist and an award winner for sports commentary, is by far the better writer on that staff. He knows his subjects much better, researches his story, and doesn't carry personal grudges, crusades, etc. One thing Whitlock does that drives me bonkers is his crusade against Carl Peterson, the longtime general manager of the KC Chiefs. Now...don't get me wrong...I don't love Carl Peterson all that much either. But Whitlock has been so focused on the'd think he wrote about nothing else (unless it's old college-buddy Jeff "Million Dollar Arm, Ten Cent Head" George).

That said...he has an article on's Page 2 about Kansas City sports fans, who keep coming back for more despite their teams being perpetual disappointments. And some of it rings true. The perpetual blaming of the coach, or a particular player (in the case of the Chiefs, whomever is the QB usually gets the blame...or lately, the defensive coordinator) instead of upper management. And yes...Peterson has made some boneheaded moves in his tenure and has a poor reputation with his players and with the city.

That said...I wonder if Whitlock is forgetting about the hell fans, the media, and just about everyone put former Royals GM Herk Robinson through. The man was incompetent...and eventually, he was replaced. True...he was replaced by Alard Baird, who has turned out to be almost equally incompetent. Moreover...almost no heat seems to fall on David Glass - probably the true culprit. Here's a man who doesn't seem to care much that he owns the team, and then he runs it on the cheap. Never mind that he's one of the wealthiest people in America. Then again...can you expect anything less from the former CEO (evil mastermind and current "director") of Wal-Mart but to run things on the cheap?

It hurts. It hurts because despite living here in Washington for six years, there's still a Kansas-boy in me that continues to root for the teams (particularly the sad-sack Royals) of my youth. I love the Nats. I've adopted them as my team. But I still follow how the Royals are doing. I still talk lovingly about watching George Brett slam another double off the wall at Royals Stadium...or seeing Bo Jackson hit a mammoth home-run and follow that up with a stolen base and throwing a runner out at the plate (I'll go to my grave saying he was the greatest player I've ever seen...who was destroyed by football...he could have been the Michael Jordan of baseball...). I'm another sucker, I guess.

My question for Whitlock would be: So what? Would you like us to give up, lose the team while it moves somewhere else? What are we supposed to do? You can't just complain about it and then not offer up suggestions about what else to do.

My two cents on the matter.

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