Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Brief Wednesday AM update

Busy with work this morning, so...this has to be short 'n sweet.

Nats lose big last night in Pittsburgh - matinee today to close out the road trip. Guz goes 0 for 4 to drop back to .209.

Seeing The Get Up Kids tonight at 930 Club - part of their farewell tour. First saw them years upon years ago at The Grenada in Lawrence, KS...back when they were better known as a local "Kansas City band" (yes...such things exist). In fact, they're playing their final show there before they break up. Should be is sold out. Say what you want about emo as a style of rock/pop...and there's plenty to say pro and least it's honest about what it is and what it isn't. It is "authentic" if nothing else.

Still reading The Book of Joe and loving every minute of it. Trying not to read it too quick or get too absorbed, since I need to be sleeping at night and all that jazz.

Okay...gotta get moving...


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