Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Guz Watch: Long Delayed Update

Yes, it's Wednesday and I haven't updated the Guz Watch. Been super busy and haven't had time either at work or in the evenings. The long and short...Guz was showing some signs of life at the plate until the last couple of games - after Saturday's win, he was dangerously close to climbing above the Mendoza Line. He also added two errors to his total last week. That said...last night, he made a couple of fantastic defensive plays that had even me applauding him. His batting on the other hand...atrocious.

His numbers since the last update (Friday):
AB: 12 H: 2 K: 4 (two last night) BB: 1 LOB: 4 (three last night) R: 0 RBI: 1

Plus another fielding error, taking him up to 6 for the year (this one a really lazy throw to first in the first inning of Saturday's win).

The numbers since the Watch began:
AB: 53 H: 8 AVG: .150 K: 10 BB: 2 XBH: 1 LOB: 28 R: 2 RBI: 2

So...some improvement. His season totals for the year:
AB: 195 H: 37 AVG: .190 K: 36 BB: 10 XBH: 6 LOB: ? R: 11 RBI: 8

His season averages:
AVG: .190 OBP: .228 SLG: .236 OPS .464

All of his season averages are up from the same point last week, but only by the tinest fractions in most cases. Translation: There have been some signs of life,'s too early to tell if he's moving forward or standing in place.


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