Thursday, June 02, 2005

Guz Watch: Win a Few, Lose a Few

Apologies for the lateness of today's Guz Watch. Busy day at work - wiped out after a long day yesterday, plus just tons and tons to get done. I've been productive, but...had to sacrifice any blogging until now.

At last night's game, I didn't "boo" Guz. Others did that for me. I did yell plenty of taunts at him, but people in our section were taunting as well. Moreover, when he was up at the plate, I was pulling for him. Say what you want...I don't want him to cost us games. I want him to play the best he's capable of...and this just isn't it.

That said, Guz went 1 for 4 last night with a basehit (I use that term loosely, btw - the "hit" in question was a "Texas Leaguer" bloop-single which just barely dropped in) that...brace for it...actually scored a runner! Indeed...not only that, but...he sacrificed to advance a runner who later scored in an earlier inning (before I got there - was late arriving last night). So...for the night...that's the good: 1 hit in 4 chances...1 RBI (his 7th of the year). Enough to put his average at the end of the night at .183 (which means he more or less held serve). comes the bad...

It isn't The Guz's fault we lost last night - the bullpen did that. However...Guzman's horrendous batting helped make it absolutely guaranteed that we would not be able to convert our best chance to tie the game back up (in the bottom of the 8th inning). Here's the situation:
Bottom 8th
Nick Johnson: Struck out swinging
Vinny Castilla: Singled - Blanco comes in to run for him
Ryan Church: Struck out swinging

So...two down, Brian Schneider coming to the plate. The Braves intentionally walk Schneider - that's get to Guz. So...Guzman comes up with runners on 1st and 2nd...two out. He proceeds to foul out (long fly, foul...caught by Brian Jordan). That is why Guz hurts us. Because we couldn't pinchhit for him since there's nobody else to play SS and Carroll couldn't move over b/c Baerga had already pinched earlier...we had to let a .183 hitter swing away with two outs and two on in the bottom of the 8th - down a run.

In my book...Guz didn't cost us the game...but he hurt our chances of winning it.

The Watch Update:
AB: 37 H: 5 AVG: .135 K: 6 BB: 1 XBH: 0 LOB: 23 R: 2 RBI: 1

That's one hit, 2 LOB and one RBI. Guz continues to be in a stretch where he has gone 7 for 71.


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