Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Lies, d*mn lies, and a/c repair persons

Needless to say, the a/c is still broken. According to the landlord, they won't be out to look at it until next Friday, the 24th. Not coincidentally, today and tomorrow are supposed to be the hottest days of the year (so far). So...joy. I'm putting on the happy face. I actually slept better last night than I had for the last few days, so...here's hoping that trend continues.

In other news...

Nats lost last night, ending their winning streak. Eh. Had to happen at some point. As usual, Loiza gets no run support, though the offense wasn't the biggest problem last night - Loiza was. Can't win 'em all.

Saw the American version of Deep Blue last night (a critics screening in Bethesda). Very good. Fascinating and utterly gorgeous. Amazing shots. Sitting up close, it felt like you were inside the ocean.

Not that I'm complaining, Metro...but...is proper diction and pronunciation more important than...oh, I don't know...fixing things?


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