Monday, June 20, 2005

Looks like somebody's got a case of the Mondays

There's no use denying it - I am in a rotten mood today. I was in a rotten mood all day yesterday as well. As always, there are reasons within reasons, but I'd rather not get into them here. Everytime I start thinking about certain things and whatnot, I end up getting in a worse mood, to just let that be. Suffice it to say, the weekend wasn't particularly good.

Anyhoo...wouldn't you know it, Guzman had a fantastic weekend! In the weekend series against Texas, Guz went 4 for 11 at the plate including 2(!!) HRs, 3 RBI and 3 Rs scored, plus...even better...0 strikeouts and only 4 LOB. He has officially climbed over the Mendoza Line and is now hitting .207 - his first trip over Mendoza since May 20th! This roadtrip has been great for him - 7 for 19 total, good for a 15 point improvement in his season BA. Perhaps our long Nationals nightmare is finally coming to an end. Only time will tell...

Nats salvage a win in Texas yesterday - they're 3-3 on a tough roadtrip so far with three games ahead in Pittsburgh to close it out. Another week ends and the Nats are, shockingly, still in first place. It is still way too early to start putting deposits down on playoff tickets, but...amazing as it may seem, there is every possibility that we could be in or near first place in the division come midpoint of the season. And before too much longer, Vidro will be back.


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