Thursday, June 09, 2005

Nats hot streak continues - win 6th straight (plus latest on Guz)

Much to my dear friend CP's dismay (I'm sure - a longtime and passionate A's fan), the Nats won their sixth straight and ninth out of the last ten games last night 7-2 over the Oakland A's, giving poor Esteban Loiza some rare run support (though, once again, they played from behind). Ryan Church continued his torrid hitting pace, coming just a double short of hitting for the cycle (including his 5th HR of the year and four hits in total; Note to Frank: Please, please, please give Ryan a chance to play every day...I think he's earned it - let him try his hand against both right and left handed pitchers...this platooning thing is a waste). Winning streaks are always fun and this one is no exception. This team is having so much fun and gaining so much confidence with every win, it's amazing to see them come together. Moreover, as Boz put forward in his e-mail column this week, the Nats have made an awesome first impression on their core fans - jaded Washingtonians are falling in love with their new baseball team. Lord knows I have. At this point, I check the Nats score first thing in the morning if it was a late game...more often, I either listen to the radio broadcast or go to the game or whatever. My team. :-)

In other news, more or less the "same old same old" for Guz last night, going 1-4 with a run scored and a man left on base. He's had better nights and worse nights. *shrug* Here's the line from the Watch after last night:
AB: 57 H: 9 AVG: .157 K: 10 BB: 2 XBH: 1 LOB: 29 R: 3 RBI: 2

(Note: Regular readers may have noticed that I'm doing something new here...positive improvements in Guz's numbers are now marked in green. Negatives in red. Numbers that do not change remain in black.)


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