Friday, June 10, 2005

Nats trade for Junior Spivey

Normally I wouldn't post news on a trade that isn't huge news for the Nats, raises some very interesting questions. This afternoon, the Nats traded Tomo Ohka (who most recently had a run-in with Frank Robinson on Saturday night), their #3 or 4 (depending on how you look at it) starting pitcher for Milwaukee Brewers 2B Junior Spivey.

Spivey is a very interesting pickup for the Nats...from an immediate POV, he can step into the starting lineup at 2B right now while Jose Vidro continues to recover from his ankle injury. Moreover, it means that Jamey Caroll can step in now and then guessed it...Guzman. Carroll isn't hitting much better than Guz, but...I think just having an offday now and then will help Guz. More interesting is what the team will do with Spivey once Vidro returns to the lineup. Spivey isn't a shortstop. Neither is Vidro. When Vidro comes back...what do you do with two "starters" and only one position for them both? Are we more or less renting Spivey for a month, on the chance that Vidro's injury is worse? Would Spivey mostly play off the bench? Does Jamey Carroll get shipped out? All interesting questions.

Ohka's departure makes sense for the move to get Spivey. Sunny Kim is going to replace him as the starter against the M's tonight, but long-term, it would appear that his slot in the starting rotation is going to be taken up by Ryan Drese, whom the Nationals picked up off of waivers from Texas. Hopefully, getting out of the bandbox that the Rangers play in will make all the difference for Drese.


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