Wednesday, June 15, 2005



Going to be another hot one today. The house is about a billion degrees, even at night. I've got three fans going in my room, which provides enough of a crosswind/breeze that I was able to sleep last night without too much trouble, though I was certainly not what one would call "comfortable." Moreover, the collected noise from three fans meant that I failed to hear my alarm go off this morning! *sigh*

Nine more nights. The National Weather Service's forcast for DC says that it should start cooling off tomorrow...which should hopefully get me through the weekend and into next week.

Nats pickup a win in Anaheim last night after the bizarre fracas involving Guillen, Frank Robinson, Mike Scioscia (Angels manager) and the ejection of an Angels reliever for having pine tar on his glove. While I can't condone Guillen's temper, I love the fact that he sort of snapped when Scioscia "dissed" Frank - shows some loyalty on his part. Moreover, he followed it up by hitting that monster home run that gave us the win. *shrug* Moreover...Frank has a point - Scioscia threw his own tantrum last night when his player was caught cheating (a rule is a rule, Mike...we don't get to selectively follow them).

This one is rich...apparently (according to a story in today's NYT), the Bush administration has "increasing doubts" that Kim Jong-Il and North Korea have any interest in getting rid of their nukes. What the heck are "increasing doubts?" Either you doubt something, or you don't. *sigh* Moreover...I have to wonder...they're only now having doubts?

Oh, more thing...I hate Verizon.


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