Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Same cr*ppy Guz: Guzman Watch Update

By now, the refrain is getting old, I know...and we're only just over a week in! Last night, the Guz brought his usual "Z Game" to the plate, grounding into two double-plays and leaving four men on base while going his standard 0 for 4. No errors in the field, however...his lazy throw on a routine double-play ball in the top of the 1st inning resulted in only a single force-out - and considering the next play was an out...I maintain that this "non-error" cost the Nats a run in the first...forcing them to play from behind (again). His BA drops to .183...OPS and SLG continue to slide as well.

The updated numbers from when the watch began:
AB: 33 H: 4 AVG: .121 K: 6 BB: 1 XBH: 0 LOB: 21 R: 2 RBI: 0

(Note: It was mentioned on the radio broadcast last night that Guz had, prior to last night, gone 6 for his last 63. With last night's "performance" at the plate, that drops to 6 for astoundingly awful BA of .089)

(Side Note: I've decided to update the Guz's numbers for the season once every week, apart from the daily track of his BA and the occaisional note of his OPS rating. Most of those numbers just don't change, after all...)

Lucky for the Nats, the Guz didn't cost us this time as we break out of the "three runs or less" drought and score five in the victory over the Braves last night at RFK. Combined with Florida's loss to Pittsburgh (btw: how in the world have the Marlins...a good team for a few years now...lost eight straight games to the lowly Pirates??) the win brings us within a game and a half of first place in the NL East. Not bad. Of course...we're also only two games out of last place - that's how tightly packed the division is. excellent start to these two crucial series at home.

In other Nats would appear that Bowden was all set to trade Zach Day, our promising young pitcher who had run afoul of Frank Robinson and was demoted to AAA New Orleans last week, except that an MRI determined that poor Zach's luck keeps taking turns for the worse. Instead of heading off to Florida for Juan Encarnacion or Colorado for Preston Wilson, Day is headed to the disabled list with a hairline fracture in his wrist. Too bad for all sides... I feel for Day, because like him...I think Frank doesn't have any confidence in him and he deserves a shot with another organization (assuming we're keeping Frank, of course). And also...too bad for the Nats, since we could have used either Wilson or Encarnacion...either of whom would have provided a bit more of a slugger in the bottom half of the order. Instead...Zach goes to the DL and we're without anything. I guess it never rains but it pours...


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