Thursday, June 16, 2005

There oughta be a law against Thursdays...

I'm tired this morning. No real explanation I can come up with, other than the doubleheader in kickball last night (one loss, one tie - we are the hard luck team of the DC Eagle Division...we're "in" just about every game we play, but we either can't hold a lead late (multiple losses in the 5th inning, the last), or can't score late.). I suppose the good news is that it is supposed to be cooler today and for the next several days - through the weekend, at least. Hopefully that will be enough to cool the house down a bit.

Surprise, surprise....the Bush Administration was behind the Justice Department's reduction of requested penalties against the tobacco companies by $120 billion. Lawyers on the case fought against it. What a shock...Bush and his cronies decide to make a decision that favors huge multinational corporations that donate lots of money to them. *sigh* These people are so dang corrupt.

Nats win again last night, 1-0 over the Angels. This time, the hero was clearly Ryan Drese, who pitched a spectacular game and had just about everybody wondering if this was the same guy the Rangers ditched for nothing. It's too early to tell, I said last week...I thought Drese would do well to get out of the bandbox stadium that the Rangers play in. Playing in RFK will help (I hope). The Nats are now off to Texas as their tour of the AL West comes to a conclusion.

And hey...wouldn't you know it...Guz went 2 for 3 last night. His BA climbed up to .199, which means that if he can somehow get a hit on Friday, his BA will climb above Mendoza for the first time in about a month.

Of course, most of the talk last night was about the events of Tuesday. The Post had a front-page story on Frank "not backing down" today, plus a Boz column. Even the LA Times came down hard on Mike Scioscia and his tantrum after getting caught cheating on Tuesday, basically blaming him for the entire thing.
Sorry, but Mike Scioscia was wrong on this, and wrong by a lot, and deserves the suspension he might get for starting the whole thing.

See, there's this rule that pitchers don't get pine tar. They get around it sometimes. They smear it on their gloves, on their waistbands, other fun places. Sometimes, catchers store it for them. Scioscia called it, "common practice," even "accepted practice."

Apparently not for Robinson.

If indeed Scioscia knows that pine tar is common and accepted, then he should be the one challenging gloves, not Robinson. Scioscia is the principled man, the maker of teams, the adherer to the ways of the game. He demands standards and accountability in the manner of old-school managers, and carries himself with dignity, a hard lesson Guillen himself learned nine months ago.

It was not out of character for Scioscia to defend his pitcher, no matter the circumstance. It was, however, out of line for Scioscia to blame Robinson for managing the Nationals, meeting his own standards, and requiring his own accountability.
Very interesting. Donnelly is certainly looking at a suspension - probably in the 10-game range. If Scioscia knew about it and accepted it, he deserves a suspension as well. You can't have it both ways. You can't say " doesn't have any effect" - that's a BS answer. It's a rule. If you don't like the rule, that's one thing. Take it up in the offseason and try and get the rule changed. Be out in front on the issue. But Tuesday was the first you said anything about it. Sorry, Mike. I know you're sticking up for your pitcher, but...let's face it - you got caught breaking the rules of baseball. Worse, your pitcher got caught doing something both he and you knew was against the rules. You don't get to selectively pick which rules you follow.

I leave the last word on this matter to Jose Guillen, late of the Angels and now solidly of the Nats:
"I don't care really much about Mike Scioscia. I have no respect for him any more, because I'm still hurt from what happened last year. Mike Scioscia to me is like a piece of garbage. I don't care if I get in trouble. He can go to hell."
No...Jose...don't mince words with us....tell us how you really feel. ;)


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