Wednesday, June 01, 2005

WaPo's Boz: "Guzman is the problem"

To be fair...he also says he's the solution. Which is fair (and true). Boswell's weekly Nats e-mail focuses on Guz, and brings up a number of things I've mentioned in this space (indeed...some of them almost seem word for word from my blog...strange that):
Unfortunately, to a degree that even the Nats themselves fail to grasp, Guzman is single-handedly dragging down their offensive production with a season-long slump that is so bad it is almost hard to comprehend...

...And Guzman is not merely the worst (offensive player in baseball), but the worst by a large margin....

The best overall offensive stat that's available through is OPS -- on-base percentage plus slugging average. Of the 186 players who have had 150 plate appearances through Monday's games, only seven had an OPS under .601. But more stunning, only two had an OPS under .558. Yet the gap between Guzman and that lousy .558 is a chasm.

After almost a third of a season, Guzman's OPS is .460. Only Aaron Boone (.472) is even within sight of him.

How many runs has Guzman cost the Nats? Normally, by this point, Guzman would have about 27 runs scored and 18 RBI, as well as 15 extra-base hits. Instead, he has 10, six and five. A "normal" Guzman would already have generated about 28 more runs this season -- over half-a-run-a-game. With another 28 runs this year, the Nats would pass a dozen teams in runs scored and rank in the top half of baseball (14th).

Those were liberal quotes from the article. Heck...I considered quoting the whole thing.

This also brings up an interesting question: When I'm at the game boo or not to boo? I love the Nats...I follow them as close as I have the Caps over the years...but Guz is just awful. I guess I'll make it a "game time decision."

Final note: Guz was a major topic in the WaPo weekly online chat with Nats beat reporter Barry Svrluga today. Heck...Barry even answered my question today (one guess who it was about - lol). There's some interesting stuff there. If I haven't said it before, Barry has been a tremendous find for the Post - their Nats coverage has been fantastic on a daily basis and Barry's writing is really pretty good. Plus, he's pretty entertaining in general. ;)


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