Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Blood in the water

It took a week or so, but...the mainstream media has finally picked up the smell of blood in the White House waters...and are starting to feed. Specifically...on "Turd Blossom" himself (aka...Karl Rove). Newsweek this week fronts the revelation (finally) that Rove was the source for Time's Cooper. This came out on Sunday. Yesterday, Rove's lawyer confirmed it, but tried the 'didn't inhale' defense. The White House press corps, usually cowed by the administration, pounced.

Today's Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times, CNN, etc...all of them more or less "lead" with the White House all of a sudden clamming up on the subject. The Post, in particular, has a field day with Scott McClellan, White House "chief apologist and liar in chief," offering up not only it's headline lead "Bush Aide Deflects Questions On Rove" - but...also offers up a transcript of the session (complete with links to previous White House statements on the investigation and Rove's role in what happened), as well as Dana Milbank's "play-by-play" of the session. The NYT offers up a handy recap of past administration statements about the matter.

Now...what does all this mean? Certainly, Democrats are turning up the heat, calling for Rove's outright firing (something Bush promised he would do, though he carefully worded his statement that he'd fire anyone who knowingly committed an illegal act, etc.). IF (and this is a big if) the heat remains hot...I don't see how Rove can get out of this one. Even if he didn't break the law...what he did is so obviously sleazy that the White House would instantly look hypocritical. Moreover...Bush himself is in a hot place if he has known all along it was Rove and did nothing.

I don't know that Rove is finished or not...but...I'd say the chances are better today than they were a week ago.


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