Thursday, July 07, 2005

London bombings

As details emerge, looks like it's going to be a long day on both sides of the Atlantic, with increased security here in Washington as the city slowly wakes up to the news. While early reports were calling the Underground explosions in London as related to a "power surge," the British government and press seem to be moving to the conclusion that some sort of coordinated terror attack has taken place.

For the very few readers who do check this page, I thought I'd provide a link to The Guardian's newsblog, which has been coopted from G8 Summit coverage to cover the London bombings. A good source for updates throughout what will undoubtedly be a long day. Questions remain, of course. Who is responsible? Immediate fingers will undoubtedly point at al-Quaida, and there are unconfirmed BBC reports that they may have claimed responsibility, but...we can't rule out the IRA or other fringe groups. Will any link to Iraq be found? Is this the start of a new wave, or an isolated incident? European markets shot down on the news...can we expect a round of panic selling on Wall Street today? Etc.


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