Monday, July 18, 2005

Quick Monday updates

Sorry for the lack of regular updates lately. I've been hit by the deadly combination of lots of work and technical problems (both at home and at the office). Last week was the joy of a dead hard drive in the work laptop...which I spent the remainder of the week rebuilding (see? it does too happen to techies...). Combine that with last weekend's trip to Philly, 4th of July the weekend before, and the general heat and lack of regularly working high-speed internet at get the picture.

So...a few quick updates before I have to get cracking...

The A/C is fixed!!
Apparently, the problem really was the fan/motor. I arrived home on Friday night to a miraculously cool upstairs. Amazing. For the last month, the downstairs has been cool, but the upstairs has been awful - I've been sleeping with multiple fans running just to keep from sweating all night long. This weekend, I was down to only the ceiling fan and even that might not have been absolutely necessary. So nice...comfy...easier to sleep. At last. :-)

Is the Guz in danger of being benched?
Say it ain't so! Has Nats management finally figured out that this isn't getting any better? Barry Svrluga's "side" story after yesterday's loss in Milwaukee has Frank being rather evasive on the subject...something he's seldom been. Frank has always been on of Guz's biggest defenders, but even he seems to have finally noticed that Guzman isn't getting any better. He's 0 for 12 since coming off the DL and his average is back to .192 - well below what we might as well start calling "The Guzman Line." Do it, Frank! Do it!

Reading funk
Perhaps it's just that I've been reading the wrong books, but...I seem to have gotten into a reading funk. The last few books I've read have failed to capture me in any way. Not that they haven't been well written (The Egyptologist), interesting (Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World), etc...but nothing's captured me like some of the other recent books I've read (the new Hornby or Jonathan Tropper's The Book of Joe, eg.). I've begun to wonder if non-fiction doesn't just bore me these days. *shrug* Today I started Tim O'Brien's award winning collection of short stories, The Things They Carried. All of the stories are about Vietnam in some way. Supposed to be good. *shrug*

Okay...that's all for now...time to get cracking.


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