Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The buck finally (sorta) stops there?

Well...that was unexpected. No...he didn't really take responsibility for what happened in the southeast, but...for someone who has steadfastly refused over the years to admit any weakness whatsoever...who once famously couldn't think of a single thing in his presidency that he would have done was a stunning admission of error. The NYT put it thusly:
Throughout his nearly five years in office, Mr. Bush has resisted publicly acknowledging mistakes or shortcomings, and his willingness in this case to edge up to a buck-stops-here statement, however conditional, was evidence of how shaken his presidency has been by the political fallout from the government's handling of the storm.
Indeed. His popularity keeps setting new records for how low it is - currently overing between 38 and 42 percent. The press corps has decided to do it's job again and not just be herded around by McClellan and Rove (gee...I wonder if that's partly because they've been lied to one time too many). Polls show that people are unhappy with the government and Bush and friends don't have anybody left to blame, since the Republicans controll all three branches of the government (no matter how much the Christianists complain about the courts, the numbers don't lie). The GOP is in serious trouble next year if things keep going the way they are.

One has to question, however, whether the Dems are truly capable of getting organized, staying on-message and getting their act together. The left in America almost enjoys sniping at other members of the left more than it does attacking the right. Slate makes this point in an article yesterday by John Dickerson.

So we are...Wednesday. Another running day - tonight at the gym b/c I'm convinced it's going to be raining. So there's that.


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