Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Caps begin training camp; Bondra signs with Atlanta

Yesterday was the only the first official day of training camp for the Washington Capitals and already there was news (or lack thereof). AO was said to dazzle, but the real news for those of us who are long time (and long suffering) Caps fans was that Peter Bondra...the franchise leader in goals, points and a host of other catagories...has agreed to terms with the Atlanta Thrashers - an announcement is expected today. Peter has been my favorite Caps player for as long as I can remember and while it will break my heart to see him play in another team's uniform...I wish him all the best.

That said...I've remained silent on what has passed for the Caps "offseason." I know what ownership, management and coaches are trying to do and...to be honest...they'd know better than I would what needs to be done. Clearly the big budget teams weren't cutting it. But this season is going to be more than a little painful. Going into training camps it seems clear that the Capitals are the youngest team, with the less experience, talent and depth than just about any other team in the Eastern Conference...probably the entire NHL. We could easily be looking at a dreadful season - not out of the realm of possibility for us to win fewer than 20 games...a sub-50 point season isn't just possible...it could even be "probable." We signed next to nobody in the offseason and have "banked" on the salary cap being adjusted downwards after this season. Time will tell if management is correct on that - I couldn't begin to guess.


Don't just take my word for it. Have a look at the pre-camp season previews and offseason reviews I've found floating around out there in the ether:

TSN.ca's Capitals preview

LOL...I guess it says something that this was one of the few mentions of the Caps I could find!

In other news...

In the nobrainer of the week yesterday, Mike Brown stepped down at FEMA. That had been coming since last week as the volume of criticism was getting intense. Again...the pawns are sacrificed to protect the king. Notice how he wasn't fired, of course. He resigned. Whatever.


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