Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Comment spam and superpowers

For the few that feel the need to comment (you know who you are), thought I'd mention that I turned on word verification today. I usually find word verification stuff annoying, but...after receiving three or four comment spams yesterday (first time for everything, I suppose), I decided to turn it on. *shrug* Complain away...not that you wil.

So...now this is an odd topic to write on, but...that's why I'm overentertained!!

While I was working on an ancient dinosaur laptop in my office (while listening to NPR podcasts...love the podcasts!) I started thinking about superpowers. Different superheroes (and villians) have different kinds of powers, of course. Flight is common enough, but x-ray vision isn't. Invisibility is common, but the power to shoot things (webs, rays, etc.) out of your body is not. The power to control the weather, incredible speed, breathe underwater (I always loved Aquaman as a kid), heal with a touch, etc.

That said...I've never really come up with a decent answer for what kind of superpower I would like to have. I suppose it comes down to whether or not I would be doing good...or evil. Or both/neither. The power to heal with a touch would be incredibly powerful, but...would it become too easy to think you have the power of God? Would that power come at the expense of something else (like on Carnivale?)? Invisibility would be interesting...but I've felt what it's like to be "invisible" in real life and it s*cked. Flight? Eh. Doesn't really do anything for me. Neither do any of the powers that involve fire, webs, rays coming from me.

No...when it comes down to it, I'm leaning towards the ability to read people's minds. True telepathy...not simple empathy and not telekenisis. To know what other people are thinking whenever I want. No more secrets. ;)

Think of it this way...dating would be a whole lot easier...


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